Multiplicity of Authors: 3 Stoops

Today, a three-Stoop addition to our ongoing Multiplicity of Authors Project. The project chronicles research reports in which two or more co-authors share a family name. (See various issues of mini-AIR for other relics from the project, including a notable case of Multiple Multiplicity.):

Cortical columns for quick brains,” Ralph L. Stoop,  Victor Saase, Clemens Wagner, Britta Stoop, Ruedi Stoop [pictured here], arXiv:1204.4558, April 20, 2012. The authors are variously at the University of Basel, the  University of Zurich and ETH Zurich.

(Thanks to investigator Ginger Lane for bringing this to our attention.)

  • Ruedi Stoop

    Ralph Stoop did a master in electrical engineering at ETH in
    Zurich (entirely unrelated with me). Before he could start a PhD at the
    University of Basel in physics, he agreed to extend for me work that
    Victor Saase had done for obtaining a master in neuroscience. At
    some point, we needed for the network structure the help of a biologist.
    This is where his elder sister, Britta, a biologist, was asked to join.

    The group Ralph has joined in Basel for his PhD seems to have already
    published some papers (but I may be wrong). Another Stoop, Norbert
    Stoop, is not on the list. He wrote with me and LA Bunovich earlier a
    paper or two. During his PhD, he did a
    number of PRL’s and was awarded the ETH medal.

    Can you please tell me where exactly the problem is?
    If not, remove your posting as well as mine.

    Ruedi Stoop