Credentials quiz: Ph.D, M.MENSA, FRICS, etc.

Presumably a person’s professional credentials are important. This quiz will help you gauge how well you recognize and understand the importance of credentials.

THE QUIZ QUESTION: How many of this person’s credentials — which are presented here in traditional abbreviated form — can you name in their full, unabbreviated form?



These are the ten (ten) credentials this person lists in his Linked-In listing. The ten are only some of his credentials. His Toastmasters International listing reassures us that there are more:

Russ Zack Firas A. Zaki-, CCIT00
Russ is a Mathematician, Civil Engineer, Masters/PhD, with 12 certifications and more than 24+ years’ of practical experience in Projects Management fields for portfolio of programs/ projects worth over CAN$ 10 Billion.

  • maa89

    Project Management Professionals are one vowel away from being PIMPs.