Croissant’s agnotology of ignorance and absence

Behold what Croissant hath wrought about things that aren’t there:

croissantAgnotology: Ignorance and Absence or Towards a Sociology of Things That Aren’t There,” Jennifer L. Croissant,” Social Epistemology, vol. 28, no. 1, 2014, pages 4-25. (Thanks to investigator @Bucksi for bringing this to our attention.) the author, at the University of Arizona, explains:

“The study of ignorance, or agnotology, has many similarities with studies of absence. This paper outlines a framework for agnotology which is shaped by interdisciplinary studies of both ignorance and absence, and identifies properties such as chronicity, granularity, scale, intentionality, and ontology in relation to epistemology as useful for studying ignorance. These properties can be used to compare various case studies. While not all problems of ignorance are problems of absent knowledge, those that are can gain by an examination of the literatures on absence and the concept of the privative. The lack of symmetry in explanation and representation are methodological challenges to studying ignorances and absences.”

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  1. AlternatePerspective Says:

    That’s a no-brainer.

    a) the Right’s problem is that religion rots brains – pushing blind allegiance to myth, dogma. Their desire to preach pseudoscience to youngsters is meant to ensure stupidity passes to the next gen. Dominating women, blaming them for unwanted pregnancies, stonewalling sex ed, failing to make birth control affordable to forcing them into chronic poverty assures the continuation of ignorance.

    b) the Left’s problem is their rabid embrace of political correctness and speech policing. Since LBJ’s disastrous great society scheme, potentially intelligent people have been forced to mingle and associate with those they wouldn’t traditionally have, i.e., ignorant people. As everyone knows, you put 5 whites and a black on a street corner and they’ll all tend to mimic ebonics because it’s easier to slur words than enunciate correctly.

    The Left pushed self-esteemism and dismissed achievement while claiming college is an imaginary “right” so well it single-handedly birthed a massive fail to teach the 3R’s, grade inflation and a crying need for remedial education.

    c) the corrupted 4th estate – sound bite journalism fails to teach. Biased writing and talking heads creates bully pulpits that polarize and obfuscate.

    d) texting – nothing has killed the art of communication faster than truncating thoughts and so-called multi-tasking (driving and texting, walking and texting, showering and texting) that destroys mental focus on getting a full message across.

    e) a failed two-party system of government that polarizes and games the system to death marginalizes moderates, strangles compromise, and quashes healthy discourse. Such a government, just like religion, survives by dumbing down its audience, aka the sheep.

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