Nonword Generator OnLine


If it’s nonwords you’re after, you can very probably find everything you need in the ARC Nonword Database developed by professors Rastle, Harrington, and Coltheart in 2002. Details of which were published in ’358,534 nonwords: The ARC Nonword Database’ (The Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology Section A: Human Experimental Psychology, Volume 55, Issue 4)

Should you urgently need a nonword ( or Pseudohomophone) you can use their on-line on-demand database retriever. The user-interface takes some practice to master, so here are some for starters:

Slubbed, kliev, grirbed, brurkes, sarnt, fyved, sckoapped, clysck, ploardge, and jawmn.

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  • Linthead

    “slubbed” is a perfectly cromulent word:
    slub (slŭb)
    tr.v. slubbed, slub·bing, slubs
    To draw out and twist (a strand of silk or other textile fiber) in preparation for spinning.
    1. A soft thick nub in yarn that is either an imperfection or purposely set for a desired effect.
    2. A slightly twisted roll of fiber, as of silk or cotton.
    [Origin unknown.]

    • martin g

      Thanks for that irrefragable threap Linthead. It seems my nescience bilked my travails in ratiocinative gadzookery.