Nano-Lectures at U Tasmania

Not so very long after the Ig Nobel event at the University of Tasmania, students there engaged in a nano-lecture competition. Wayne Goninon reports that "The idea was that students would describe their school in 7 words." Each of the winners received a copy of the book The Ig Nobel Prizes. Here are the winning nano-lectures:

AGRICULTURAL SCIENCE: We take cows and make ’em better
AQUACULTURE: Red fish, blue fish, breeding new fish

ARCHITECTURE: The unholy union of art and engineering

CHEMISTRY: Too much acid, explosives and stinky stuff

COMPUTING: Coffee and pizza make for happy coding

EARTH SCIENCES: Geology is not geography, you cretaceous cretin!

ENGINEERING: Bridges are good but beer is better

GEOGRAPHY & ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE: Geography is not geology, cabbage for brains!

MATHS & PHYSICS: Evaluating pi — Galactic nuclei — why oh why?

PLANT SCIENCE: It?s okay officer, it?s for scientific use

PSYCHOLOGY: It?s all about getting a girlfriend, mate!

ZOOLOGY: We know who heads the food chain

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