Microsoft scarfs down the European science community?

Microsoft has just acquired the entire European science community. So it appears, anyway.

Here is Microsoft’s announcement:

[FEB 2, 2005]
At the Government Leaders Forum today, Microsoft Chairman and Chief
Software Architect Bill Gates announced the EuroScience Initiative in
his keynote to over 500 government leaders and public officials.

And here is a surprised reaction from the Euroscience organization:

[FEB 4, 2005]
The already existing Euroscience Association was created in 1997 and has more than 2100 individual and 31 institutional members. … A number of very prominent European scientists and people interested in science are member of Euroscience. Among others is the former European Commissioner for Research, Philippe Busquin a number of Nobel laureates and former research ministers.

Euroscience president Jean Patrick Connerade says:
"If Mr Gates wants to help us by injecting millions of dollars into Euroscience, then that is wonderful, but I am surprised: as the elected President of Euroscience, I was not consulted before Mr Gates made his speech to the Government Leaders’ Forum in Prague. I would like to understand better what his plans really are. I am sure Microsoft would never steal the name of an European Association of scientists to further its activities…"

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