Unidentified high-flying lab

A report in the February 13, 2005 issue of India Daily brings startling news:

Invisible tiny UFO caught on chemical-imaging camera

Staff Reporter
Feb. 13, 2005

In India?s one of the premiere research and development laboratories… According to sources, while analyzing data the scientists came across something very strange and bizarre. A set of photos showed a tiny miniature Unidentified Flying Object. The IR camera failed to capture the same because apparently the UFO was using frictionless traction with anti-gravity lifting mechanisms. But the chemical-imaging camera picked it up.

According to some of these scientists, the group is now investigating if invisible UFOs are all around us.

The news is startling because it carries the modern hallmark of authenticity. The premiere research and development lab is not identified and neither is the reporter.

In recent years, this has become a way in which certain government officials (in several countries) disseminate information that they decide is of great public importance. The reasoning behind this is quite solidified. Releasing such details might (1) put key government personnel at risk in some way; and (2) confuse the public understanding by introducing more facts than people are able to digest in an appropriate way.

(Thanks to Tim Spellman for bringing this to our attention.)

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