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Father-Daughter Purity Balls

purityGraph.jpegThe concept: Father-Daughter Purity Balls.

The details: A 2003 article in Focus on the Family Magazine explains:

The 100 father-daughter guests ? some dads brought more than one daughter, and some of the daughters were as young as 4 ? came from around Colorado, and a few from as far away as Pennsylvania. The highlight of the evening was when the dads signed the Covenant of Purity and Protection, witnessed by their daughters.

Further details, and photographs, are available from the Purity Ball organization and from other practioners (Braveheart Teen initiative, Abstinence Clearinnghouse, et al.)

The purpose: We can but assume that this is an unusual psychology experiment, which has been approved by all the relevant Institutional Review Boards, and the true meaning of which will be made public in due time.

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