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Medical inexplicacality reported (clown IVF)

clown_doctor.jpgA team led by fertility expert Dr. Shevah Friedler at the Assaf Harofeh Medical Center studied 186 women aged 25 to 40 over 10 months, all of whom were undergoing embryo transfer treatment. While half were simply given the treatment and nothing else, the other group was entertained by a clown for up to 15 minutes as they recuperated in bed after the treatment.

The results? 33 of the women who ‘clowned’ around became pregnant, compared to only 18 women in the control group….

“We were very surprised by the results. And frankly, I can’t explain it,” said Friedler.

He presented the findings before the Israel Fertility Association meeting in May and submitted an abstract to the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) that met this month in Geneva, resulting in a high profile response from colleagues and the media.

So says a June 22, 2006 report in Israel21C.

(Thanks to investigators Diana Lutz and Karen Hopkin for bringing this to our attention.)

(NOTE: “inexplicacality” may not be a recognized word, but it seems to be the correct word for this phenomenon.)

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