Teh tarik party in space

Teh tarikMalaysia plans to push the boundaries of space travel, by making a cup of tea.

Its first astronaut will attempt for the first time to make the nation’s favourite hot drink, teh tarik, in space.

“The physics experiment is to see what happens to teh tarik in space,” Haniff Omar, head of Malaysia’s astronaut selection programme, said, in all seriousness.

Making teh tarik (pulled tea) can be tricky and dangerous, even with the help of gravity. Malaysians pour boiling-hot milky tea swiftly and repeatedly from one vessel held high in one hand into another held low, producing a distinctive layer of froth.

So says a September 5, 2006 Daily Express report.

(Thanks to investigator Adiyasa Dwitama for bringing this to our attention.)

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