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Cui Bono (circumcisions)

BryanFuller.jpgWho, individually, (other than Dr. De Cock, and other than the patients) is likely to benefit from the news in this December 13, 2006 Associated Press report?

Circumcising adult men may cut in half their risk of getting the AIDS virus through heterosexual intercourse….

The National Institutes of Health said Wednesday it closed the studies in Kenya and Uganda early, when safety monitors took a look at initial results this week and spotted the protection. The studies’ uncircumcised men are being offered the chance to undergo the procedure….

“It’s not a magic bullet, but a potentially important intervention,” agreed Dr. Kevin De Cock of the World Health Organization.

Bryan B. Fuller, that’s who. As mentioned in our October 25, 2005 column in the Guardian, he is intensely interested in discarded parts:

Bryan B. Fuller is the world?s top expert on skin colour in human foreskins. Professor Fuller?s foreskin research is based at the University of Oklahoma, where he is an associate professor of biochemistry and molecular biology.

(Thanks to investigator Peter Bousquet for bringing Dr. De Cock to our attention.)

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