Lotte Fog, Raelene Nelligan, Wendy Tuckwell join the LFHCfS

three.JPGLotte Fog, Raelene Nelligan and Wendy Tuckwell have joined the Luxuriant Flowing Hair Club for Scientists. They say:

We are Medical Physicists, working at the Royal Adelaide Hospital in South Australia. Sometimes, we get up very early in the morning to shampoo, condition, brush, mousse, style, dry and hair-spray to maintain our Luxuriantly Flowing Hair, but, as you can see from the photos, the results speak for themselves.

Whilst Wendy?s 2 puppies and her PhD work keep her occupied and Raelene makes and sells cards to raise funds for Cancer research, Lotte is a talented (but unfortunately, as yet unrecognised) poet. She pens:

As a genuine medical physicist
one must long nights of studying bear
and on knowledge of rad?iation physics insist;
and for protocols ardently care

to be willing to calibrate linacs: persist
late ‘nto nights which once used to be spare
time; to neither black coffee nor mud cake desist
and a grubby white lab coat to wear

But to aim for true excellence, foll’wing the gist
of great Einstein, of Newton, Pinker [here: pronounced “pink-hair”]
the one passion which physicists must not resist
is luxuriantly flowing hair!

An osmosis of beauty and brains – oh beware
world – of scientists with flowing hair!

Lotte Fog, PhD, LFHCfS
Raelene Nelligan, BSc, LFHCfS
Wendy Tuckwell, BSc, LFHCfS
The Royal Adelaide Hospital
Adelaide, South Australia

(Click on the photo to see more detail.)

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