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Coming: Documentary of the (living) dead

bihari-dead-rally.jpgShocking documentary

Joshy Joseph’s Walking Dead deals with officially ‘dead’ men in Azamgarh district, Uttar Pradesh, who are desperately trying to prove that they are not dead but are alive. They are declared dead because their relatives and family members wanted to grab their land and this is the easiest way of achieving this….

Lal Behari contested in three Parliamentary elections, one against Rajiv Gandhi in Allahabad, one against V.P. Singh and the third against another Mritak Ramdas Yadav. For his long struggle in resurrecting himself from the ‘dead’, he won the parallel Noble Prize called the Ig Nobel Prize for Peace in 2003,” adds Joseph. Lal Behari does not add Mritak to his name anymore because his individual battle is over.

So says a March 23, 2007 Screen India report. The Statesman reviewed the film favorably. But, like the living dead, it has received little attention outside India.

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