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Big-name peer pressure

ScienceEducation.jpgCriticism from one’s peers — the process more formally called “Peer Review” — depends on the fairness of the peers who do the reviewing. One new research journal reminds its big-name peers to be fair.

High quality papers for the International Journal for Creation Research (IJCR), sponsored by the Institute for Creation Research, are now invited for submission. IJCR is a professional peer-reviewed online technical journal hosted by the ICR website for the publication of interdisciplinary scientific research from the perspective of a recent Creation and a global Flood within a biblical framework.

So says Andrew A. Snelling, Editor-in-Chief of the journal, which is affiliated with the Institute for Creation Science Graduate School. The school aims to simplify modern biology by eliminating its clutter — “the wrong thinking of evolution” that now ruins nearly 99.99999 percent of that branch of science.

The journal gives an instruction sheet to each of its reviewers. The instructions remind each individual, including God, to try to be fair. As the instruction sheet puts it:

We are to deal a just weight and just measure (Lev. 19:36), for we also have an Evaluator in Heaven (Eph 6:9; Col 3:24?4:1).

(Thanks to investigator Jeff Hecht for bringing this to our attention.)

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