Voracek looks at centrefolds

MartinVoracek.jpgDr Martin Voracek is a shoes-and-ships-and-sealing-wax sort of specialist. His expertise ranges from romance and jealousy to the “accuracy of volume measurement in human cadaver kidneys”, plus the effects of solar eclipses on suicide, and also politics, intelligence, and much else.

This man of many degrees (DSc, PhD, MSc and MPh) is a research resident in the department of psychoanalysis and psychotherapy at the University of Vienna medical school. His work is known best to, yes, specialists. But once or twice he has come to wider public attention.

His 2002 study in the British Medical Journal, Shapely Centrefolds? Temporal Change in Body Measures: Trend Analysis, written with Maryanne Fisher, of Canada’s York University, is an exercise in statistical voyeurism….

So begins this week’s Improbable Research column in The Guardian.

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