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Unexpected Fish

Unexpected fish is/are in the news.

As with all discoveries of ?living fossils?, the catch of the third specimen of Indonesian coelacanth Latimeria menadoensis by local fisherman Yustinus Lahama on May 19th 2007 off Malalayang Beach, North Sulawesi, was covered by numerous press reports.

The website of WWF Indonesia presents some hidden details how this specimen was discovered and salvaged:

? [Yustinus] didn’t know what he has found, and was about to cut and cook the fish. Fortunately Darwin Papendeng an employee at Faculty of Engineering of Sam Ratulangi University, came and prevented Yustinus from consuming it. Darwin recognized the fish as Coelacanth, and contacted the Provincial Fisheries Agency, Tourism Agency, and mass media in North Sulawesi to inform about the discovery of coelacanth.”

Then Indonesian authorities took charge:

? ? the Governor of North Sulawesi, Drs. Sinyo H. Sarundajang and Minister of Marine Affairs and Fishery, Mr. Freddy Numberi who was in Manado at that moment. First, they put the coelacanth in Bahu Mall, then they moved it to a safer aquarium in City Extra Kalasey Restaurant. Unfortunately the coelacanth could stand only for 17 hours, and died at 1 a.m Sunday. It is now in the process of preservation.? ?

At the moment it is unknown if the City Extra Kalasey Restaurant has left more than just the skeleton to be preserved.

POSSIBLY UNRELATED NOTE: Recent news reports suggest that, when one dines in a restaurant, one can not always be certain what species of fish is being served.

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