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The Tim-ness of Tim, the Bob-ness of Bob

thms.jpgNew parents beware! is the implied theme of a new study called Who Do You Look Like? Evidence for the Existence of Facial Stereotypes for Male Names.

The researchers are forthright. They are blunt. They begin their report with this little shocker:

“Choosing a name for a forthcoming baby occupies a good deal of time for most expectant parents … Few worry about whether the name will provoke a facial stereotype in the minds of others (hmm … he doesn’t look like a Bob), but, as the present research suggests, this may be yet another potential worry to have when one selects a name for one’s progeny.”

The research team, Melissa A Lea, Robin D Thomas, Nathan A Lamkin and Aaron Bell, hammers home the unfairness of the situation….

So begins this week’s Improbable Research column in The Guardian.

Improbable Research