Glittery pregnancy test for rhinos


Feeding different-coloured sparkling glitter to two female white rhinos has acted as an impromptu pregnancy test.To keep a check on the hormone levels of Ashanti and Zanta, authorities at Dublin Zoo – who are hoping to breed the animals – added blue and silver glitter to their feed to tell the faeces apart for analysis….
“When the faeces samples are collected with the different colour glitter, it’s clear which sample belongs to Ashanti and which sample belongs to Zanta. The glitter is a safe, non-toxic method of testing the hormone levels in the rhinos,” [vet John Bainbridge] said. Dublin Zoo has sent a sample of Ashanti’s droppings to a laboratory for testing and expects results early in the New Year.

So says a December 19, 2007 Belfast Telegraph report.

The photo reproduced here is from a related report by Ananova.

(Thanks to investigators Geri Sullivan and Betsy Lundsten for bringing this to our attention.)

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