The the interview (Browne on Browne)

GlendaBrowne.gifWhat did you win your prize for?

I won my prize for an article written six years ago about how we should alphabetise index entries that start with ‘The’. Most of the rules suggest that you should look for The Beatles and The Bible at ‘B’, but The Hague and first lines of poetry such as ‘The camel’s hump is an ugly wump’ at ‘T’. If you look at the phone directory or other lists, however, you will find that these rules have been applied inconsistently. My conclusion was that we should consider indexing these terms under both the options.

Describe the award.

The award is a wooden block topped with a rubber chicken swallowing a plastic egg. The chicken is deliciously squishy, and the egg is appallingly yellow. I am fonder of my certificate, which has a picture of Rodin?s Thinker with the Thinker fallen to the ground. It has been signed by five real Nobel Laureates, one of whom presented me with my award….

2007 Ig Nobel Literature Prize winner Glenda Browne, interviewed by her son, Bill Browne, age 11, in the November 2007 issue of the Penrith High School Newsletter.

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