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About Cassidy

slang.jpgCassidy?s theories are insubstantial, his evidence inconclusive, his conclusions unlikely, his Gaelic atrocious and even factitious, and his scholarship little better than speculation. In short, his book is preposterous.

Cassidy paints himself as the maligned scholar, the unappreciated genius, the outsider. He may be all of those things, but he is them by choice: his work cannot withstand scholarly scrutiny so he simply cannot afford to join forces with any larger body of experts who do this sort of thing for a living. His book falls apart on first reading by anyone with some expertise in the field.

So writes lexicographer Grant Barrett about Daniel Cassidy?s book How the Irish Invented Slang.

UPDATE: Mr. Cassidy’s book may be inspirational. Since this blog item?the one you are reading now?appeared, a Cassidy admirer has been bombarding us with vitriolic email. Each email message included a copy of one or another newspaper columnist review of Mr. Cassidy’s book. These reviews range from the admiring to the bemusedly half-admiring to the workmanly space-filling.

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