Physics breakthrough: The sixth dimension

anu.jpgA physics breakthrough of some sort?the details are as yet vague? is reported in a December 15, 2007 IANS /Yahoo report. It says:

Anupam is narrator in 6-D film on India

Anupam Kher is on cloud nine after becoming part of a crucial project encompassing the history of India from the Mohenjodaro to today’s times. Titled ‘India In Motion’, it is a six-dimensional (6-D) film of 25 minutes and the actor is on board as the narrator….

‘The film on India will be the first 6-D product in the series to be screened in specially built theatres. There’s no real parallel to the experience to anything in cinema. We can compare it with those Disney joyrides where we think feel and sense all the experiences while sitting in one place.

To showcase this astonishing piece of audiovisual history, produced by an Israel-based company Orpan, the first 6-D movie theatre in India is being built in collaboration with Adlabs at Agra near the Taj Mahal.

‘And there will be many six-dimensional theatres in India and internationally within the next few years,’ he said.

(Thanks to investigator Arun Giridhar for bringing this to our attention.)

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