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“Significantly Greater” Marburger, science satirist

A giant tip of the hat today to John Marburger.

Mr. Marburger is generally known as the “science advisor to President Bush and director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy“—but most American scientists believe that his efforts have been focused on something other than what those jobs require. That something, we are now pretty sure, is creative writing. Mr. Marburger’s October 31, 2008 essay in the British journal Physics World is a workmanlike (if perhaps not funny) example of up-is-down-and-down-is-up satire. Here are the opening sentences:

Has Bush been good for science?
Today, the scientific enterprise in the US is strong, highly productive and significantly greater than it was eight years ago. Contrary to popular mythology, President Bush has devoted more attention to science and technology in his official actions than most of his predecessors.

(Thanks to Sergio de Regules Ruiz-Funez for bringing this essay to our attention.)

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