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The value of reading (Part A — $72,999.99)

One of the most expensive new books offered on is Charlotte Boyett-Compo‘s BlackWind, which is not entirely about meteorology. Amazon offers this book for $72,999.99, an approximately 27% savings, it says, from the official list price of $99,999.99. The screencapture shown here documents the price as it appears on Sunday afternoon, February 1, 2009.

Scholars can debate how this price will endure the current economic turmoil. They can also investigate whether this price was set as a result of (a) irrational exuberance or (b) technical error or (c) something else.

UPDATE: The mystery is at least partly solved. Charlotte Boyett-Compo explains:

I am the author of the book you mention and it is not a new book as such. A new copy, yes, but not a new book. It is actually a book that is out of print from a publisher with whom I am no longer contracted. The book has since been broken down by my current publisher into two books: BlackWind: Sean and Bronwyn & BlackWind: Viraidan and Bronwyn.  You can no longer get this book unless it is used or….as I suspect…Amazon found it in their warehouse from six years ago.

My guess is because this is now considered a collector’s item that is why the extreme price. I have had other books that have since been released be offered for as high as $999.99 but never one this high.

May the Wind be always at your back,
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