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“The Duck Guy” reprinted, plus museum exhibition

Spurred by nice media coverage, “De eendenman” (The Duck Guy), Ig Nobel winner Kees Moeliker‘s new (and first) book, was reprinted almost immediately after its official publication date (which was just three days ago!). In celebration, the Natural History Museum Rotterdam, were Moeliker is curator, has mounted a nice little exhibition that shows most specimens that are featured in the book: a decapitated pigeon, a rail that died in a church, the iron nest of a pigeon, a hen pheasant that changed her sex and the 25 pubic lice that were recently collected in the few remaining pieces of natural habitat (in the Netherlands).

And making its first real appearance as a publicly exhibited item (after previously dwelling in the back rooms, with an occasional journey to other palces where it was shown but fleetingly) is NMR 9989-00232, the victim in the first scientifically recorded case of homosexual necrophilia in the mallard duck. “In the thirteen years of his stuffed stage, the duck was never on display before, except for a few minutes on Dead Duck Day“, said Moeliker.

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