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New organ => personality change?

Scientific studies have suggested that up to a third of organ transplant patients believe they have inherited changes in their personalities, preferences and skills from their donors.

So explains an August 20, 2009 article in the Telegraph under the headline “Father develops cleaning obsession after cornea transplant”. The Telegraph article also says:

Before the operation, Will Palmer, 46, was happy to leave household chores to his partner Sarah Gadsby. However, since the father-of-three had a cornea transplant in March this year he has taken to doing the dusting and washing up and developed an aversion to grime he didn’t have before….

Gary Leighton, 44, a plumber from London, this week told how he had discovered a gift for painting after undergoing a kidney transplant operation.

We at Improbable Research are not aware of the scientific studies mentioned in the lead paragraph, above. If you have any citations, we would appreciate hearing from you.

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