Restless Genital Syndrome

Prof. Dr. Marcel D. Waldinger of The Hague Leyenburg General Hospital, in The Netherlands, has “renamed [a] combination of complaints as he speaks of Restless Genital Syndrome.” Here are details:

Restless Genital Syndrome is a medical disorder that has been reported only in women. These women report weird sensations at the clitoris, vagina, labia and the region around the vagina, (such as on the pubic bone and the groins) and sometimes the anal region….

The weird sensations consist of tingling, itching-like and wave-like sensations, small shocks or cramps in or around the clitoris and vagina. Women usually experience a close to orgasm sensation as if they are on the verge on getting an orgasm. These feelings do not cease like in a genuine orgasm but lead to an imperative urge to masturbate or to have intercourse in an attempt to get rid of these feelings…. Unfortunately, masturbation or intercourse do not lead to a diminishment of the genital sensations, but, usually, aggravate the sensations.

UPDATE: Investigator Laura Holst alerts us to a Daily Telegraph report of a woman who is said to suffer from this syndrome.

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