Scandinavian Ig Nobel tour 2010

VOLCANO UPDATE (April 22): Thanks to our friend the volcano, travel disruptions  stranded several of the Ig Nobel winners, temporarily, in far-flung places. Several had to miss the Sweden events. But there’s GOOD NEWS: Everyone scheduled for the Denmark events has arrived in Denmark. All of them will be at all the Denmark events, as scheduled.

Details of the 2010 Ig Nobel Scandinavian tour:

Vetenskapsfestivalen (Festival of Sciences), Gothenborg, SWEDEN:

  • Tuesday, Apr 20, 8.30 and 11.00: 1-hour shows for school classes, University of Gothenborg, Campus PedegogenBuilding A, Pedagogen, Västra Hamngatan 25, Gothenborg (Gothenborg’s pædagogic university)
  • Tuesday, Apr 20, 14.00-14.14 and 15.00-15.15: Short performances at arena in Nordstan (Sweden’s largest shopping mall)
  • Tuesday, Apr 20, 19.55-20.15 and 21.10-21.30: Short performances during the Science night, Universeum, Södra vägen 50 ( Gothenborg’s kick-ass aquarium)

Forsknigens Døgn (Research Days), DENMARK:

  • Thursday, Apr 22, 17.00-19.00: Eksperimentarum, Tuborg Havnevej 7, Hellerup, Copenhagen (Cool science exhibition centre)
  • Friday, Apr 23, 15.00-17.00: Odense Rådhus, Flakhaven, Odense (The City Hall of Odense). Click here for details.
  • Saturday, Apr 24, 13.00-14.00: Fjord&Bælt, Kerteminde, Denmark (Marine animal study center)
  • Saturday, April 24, 19.00-21.00: Aarhus University, Søauditorierne

People. The events will feature various combinations of:

  • Marc Abrahams, founder of the Ig Nobel Prize ceremony
  • Ig Nobel Prize winner Elena Bodnar (a Chernobyl-inspired brassiere that converts into a pair of face masks)
  • Ig Nobel Prize winner Kees Moeliker (homosexual necrophilia in the mallard duck)
  • Ig Nobel Prize winner Bart Knols (parachuting cats as a means to control human disease)
  • Ig Nobel Prize winner Dan Meyer (sword-swallowing, and strange objects people choose to swallow)
  • Ig Nobel Prize winner Magnus Wahlberg (curious behavior of marine animals)
  • Ig Nobel Prize winner Haken Westerberg (herrings may communicate by farting)
  • Ig Nobel Prize winner, the infamous Pek Van Andel (couples performing sex inside an MRI machine)

NOTE: Individuals who appeared at a particular location last year (2009) will present new research this year (2010) at those locations.

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