A theoretical poli-sci policy approach to zombies

For those with a theoretical interest in zombies, investigator Mark Siegel recommends Daniel Drezner’s essay in the July/August 2010 issue of the journal Foreign Policy. Siegel says a colleague of his, Doug Edwards, says: “At last, a well-reasoned treatise on the potential effects of a zombie invasion on international politics.” Say what you will, the essay begins:

There are many sources of fear in world politics — terrorist attacks, natural disasters, climate change, financial panic, nuclear proliferation, ethnic conflict, and so forth. Surveying the cultural zeitgeist, however, it is striking how an unnatural problem has become one of the fastest-growing concerns in international relations. I speak, of course, of zombies.

For our purposes, a zombie is defined as a reanimated being occupying a human corpse, with a strong desire to eat human flesh…

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