Jesus’s IQ, calculated by Bob

Dr. B. Benchoff

A calculated research breakthrough (his calculations are online) from Dr. Bob Benchoff:

“Jesus Christ’s IQ is 300 within this author’s ability to reasonably measure, although Jesus Christ’s IQ may be as high as 450.”

(Thanks to investigator Marlin Jacoby for bringing this to our attention.)

BONUS: Dr. Benchoff also offers you (1) a new technological way to fly, and (2) his own understanding of how magnetism works.

DOUBLE BONUS: Dr. Benchoff reportedly “coauthored quadrillion dollar legislation

7 Responses to “Jesus’s IQ, calculated by Bob”

  1. ricardos Says:

    TRIPLE BONUS: Dr. Benchoff’s mathematical proof of the existence of god, from the fact that 100%/100% = 100%.

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  4. Rudy Prasetyo Says:

    Jesus IQ = 10000000000000000000000000000000000000……………………..

  5. Miki Says:

    Jesus is like a “Lucy” from movie;) but his special are symbols and people. His mind is beyond the present and built like a pyramid. This is real enlightened mind. We die quickly, without full of awareness but we are part of him and Jesus is real God for us. The truth will crush the whole lie…

  6. Suraj K Ratti Says:

    So Jesus IQ was impressive wonderful person and lived during the Roman Occupation of his country

  7. Sherlyn A. Says:

    Christians say what is convenient to them. You people claim to say the IQ of man that we have no prove of existence, and, even more important, IQ tests never existed back then. And, even if he did exist, he probably had an intelligence quotient of 1.

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