Jogging on / kitchen-sinking into muck

In this video for New Scientist, Chris Chiswell jogs on the non-Newtonian fluid known as cornstarch-mixed-with-water, until he stops jogging and sinks into it, demonstrating the non-Newtonianness of the muck. The ingredients of the goo—cornstarch and water—are commonly found in kitchens, thus this demonstration shows an example of kitchen sinking. (Thanks to investigator Alicia Weston for bringing it to our attention.)

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  1. Notsosciency Says:

    Awesome. My parents were both chemists, though, my mom eventually became a statistics professor … and yes we had real toys, my mother didn’t force us to just play with rocks, little balls of mercury and cornstarch solutions, but we had endless hours of fun with the stuff. We would mix up cornstarch and water in a bowl and I absolutely loved the sensation of dipping my hand in it. It was totally cool and provided endless hours of fun, really. Particularly for someone as tactile as I am.

    I also vaguely remember there was something she concocted for us out of Fels Naptha powdered laundry detergent; this stuff: Anyone have any ideas on what that might have involved or been about? I just don’t have a clear memory on that one. This was in the early sixties, and in retrospect, it may not have been a good idea to have had your children playing with the stuff, but we come from hardy stock so we have managed; but if anyone knows what the “fels naphtha” thing was that my mother put together for us, I would really love to know.

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