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Tr’Ehnl & Schwegel join the hair club

Nahks Tr’Ehnl and Rosemary Schwegel have joined the Luxuriant Flowing Hair Club for Scientists (LFHCfS). They say:

Rosemary Schwegel is a horticulturist and plant pathologist by training, currently working with Arizona State’s astrobiology team on studies of the elemental requirements of Earth life, including ecosystems thriving in the ‘extreme’ environments of Yellowstone NP hot springs.  Rosie chopped her hair back about 18 inches around 2005 and donated it to ‘Locks of Love’; since then it’s grown back to the point where she can sit on it again.  Nahks Tr’Ehnl double-majored in art and astronomy/astrophysics as an undergraduate, and is now a graduate student at Arizona State studying the astrophysical origins of chemical elements and their importance in the formation of habitable planetary systems.  Nahks has been paranoically (yes, that’s a real word) avoiding people with scissors since about 1994.

Nahks Tr’Ehnl, LFHCfS and Rosemary Schwegel, MS, LFHCfS
Graduate student and research technician, respectively
Astrobiology Research group
Arizona State University
Tempe, Arizona, USA


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