Random-promotion researchers look back

On the (approximate) anniversary of their receiving the Ig Nobel Prize in management, the co-winners send this photo taken during Ig week 2010 when most of that year’s winners gathered at Toscanini’s Ice Cream for a celebration. Andrea Rapisarda writes:

Almost one year ago: Ig Nobel prize 2010 for Management

A shot taken after we got the Ig Nobel prize 2010 for Management “for demonstrating mathematically that organizations would become more efficient if they promoted people at random“.¬†From left to right my colleagues Alessandro Pluchino and Cesare Garofalo with Marc Abrahams (the organizer of the prize ceremony) and myself.

Here’s video of their acceptance speech, back when:

Yes, that was Evelyn Evelyn bringing the prize to Nobel laureate Frank Wilczek, who formally presented it to the winners.

BONUS: The team has been busy during that year, publishing two more studies that extend their prize-winning work.

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