Most lyrically-named machine: Crypto Peerless Mixer

You’ll not find a more lyrically-named machine than the Crypto Peerless Mixer. Here’s a video of one in action. Note the laconic narration.

And you’ll—probably—not find a Crypto Peerless Mixer more storied than one being disposed of by, or behalf of, the British government. Here is one such:

(Thanks to @IanVisits for bringing the disposal agency to our attention.)

43 Responses to “Most lyrically-named machine: Crypto Peerless Mixer”

  1. Julia Lunetta Says:

    I had no idea that all I needed to avoid disappointment was 287.50 pounds (presumably plus shipping) to purchase my very own Crypto Peerless Mixer.

  2. Agripina Sherratt Says:

    Thanks for the article, can you make it so I get an update sent in an email every time you make a new update?

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