Earthquake-activated house-levitating pneumatic system

The  Air Danshin Systems company of Japan says it offers pneumatic technology to protect buildings in the event of an earthquake. The shaking triggers a stream of air that levitates the house. The diagram below, from the company, shows to some extent how the system works, with blue representing the stream of air. (The Spoon & Tamago blog gives some details in English.)

These two videos demonstrate how it works:

(Thanks to investigator Mark Dale for bringing this to our attention.)

One Response to “Earthquake-activated house-levitating pneumatic system”

  1. Radarc Says:

    Very clever but I am a bit skeptical.

    First, here in earthquake country (Southern California) a house is bolted to its foundation to prevent it from sliding off of it during an earthquake. There is nothing in the diagram shows how this would be prevented. The building will require a dampening device of some sort to hold it in place.

    Also, many earthquake bounce up and down as well as back and forth. What prevents the vertical accelerations of the footing from whacking the house apart like a hammer?

    I’d like to see how well the house does on a shake-table with a motion that more accurately resembles an earthquake before I move in.

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