Multiplicity of Authors: 3 Stoops

Today, a three-Stoop addition to our ongoing Multiplicity of Authors Project. The project chronicles research reports in which two or more co-authors share a family name. (See various issues of mini-AIR for other relics from the project, including a notable case of Multiple Multiplicity.):

Cortical columns for quick brains,” Ralph L. Stoop,  Victor Saase, Clemens Wagner, Britta Stoop, Ruedi Stoop [pictured here], arXiv:1204.4558, April 20, 2012. The authors are variously at the University of Basel, the  University of Zurich and ETH Zurich.

(Thanks to investigator Ginger Lane for bringing this to our attention.)

One Response to “Multiplicity of Authors: 3 Stoops”

  1. Ruedi Stoop Says:

    Ralph Stoop did a master in electrical engineering at ETH in
    Zurich (entirely unrelated with me). Before he could start a PhD at the
    University of Basel in physics, he agreed to extend for me work that
    Victor Saase had done for obtaining a master in neuroscience. At
    some point, we needed for the network structure the help of a biologist.
    This is where his elder sister, Britta, a biologist, was asked to join.

    The group Ralph has joined in Basel for his PhD seems to have already
    published some papers (but I may be wrong). Another Stoop, Norbert
    Stoop, is not on the list. He wrote with me and LA Bunovich earlier a
    paper or two. During his PhD, he did a
    number of PRL’s and was awarded the ETH medal.

    Can you please tell me where exactly the problem is?
    If not, remove your posting as well as mine.

    Ruedi Stoop

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