Instrumental Maladies (part 2: Guitars)

Continuing Improbable’s partial listing of the work-related diseases which professional musicians might encounter …

Part 2 : Guitars

• Habit tic deformity secondary to guitar playing.

• Incomplete anterior interosseous nerve syndrome in a guitar player

• Contact dermatitis in guitar players

• Occupational acroosteolysis in a guitar player

• Guitar player acro-osteolysis

• Selective phalangeal tuft fractures in a guitar player

Coming soon: Even more Instrumental Maladies

2 Responses to “Instrumental Maladies (part 2: Guitars)”

  1. Ernest Valdemar Says:

    As a trumpeter, I do hope you get to Satchmo’s Syndrome (hernia of the obicularis orbis), Gillespie’s Pouches (breakdown of facial connective tissue, also found in glassblowers), and “trumpeter’s lip,” a particularly disturbing callous found in many trumpeters; Don Ellis’s lip callous was especially notable. And then there’s Gottfried Reiche, the 18th century trumpeter who died of a cerebral hemorrhage, reportedly while practicing Bach’s Brandenburg II.

    Also, what’s up with that gross thing on violinists’ necks? I swear, sometimes it has hair growing out of it.

  2. Ernest Valdemar Says:

    Also, this is anecdotal, but when I was music school, several oboists informed me that it’s not uncommon to pass out while playing the oboe, although I wouldn’t begin to guess at the aetiology of that one.

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