Instrumental Maladies (part 4: Violins)

A final (but by no means complete) roundup of the work-related instrument-specific health-risks that professional musicians may encounter during their career …

Part 4 : Violins

Violin chin rest eczema due to east-indian rosewood (Dalbergia latifolia ROXB).

Chin rest allergy in a violinist

Allergic contact dermatitis on a violinist’s neck from para-phenylenediamine in a chin rest stain

Fiddler’s fingers’: violin-string dermatitis

Development of Garrod’s pads in the fingers of a professional violinist

Jaw dysfunction in viola and violin players.

Transient entrapment neuropathy of the posterior interosseous nerve in violin players.

Bruxism Related to Violin Playing

Musical Note : As Improbable readers will probably be aware, this Instrumental Malady turned out to be a hoax.

[This concludes Improbable’s partial list of Instrumental Maladies.]

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