David Jones joins hair club for scientists (LFHCfS)

David Jones has joined the Luxuriant Flowing Hair Club for Scientists (LFHCfS). He says:

I grew my hair before becoming a Scientist but know I can’t cut it as it is the perfect length for tying back out of my face in the Lab… and having short hair just isn’t going to work!  I am writing the final chapter of my PhD (on the characterisation of compounds in super-complex mixtures in crude oils) so I’ll soon be showing off my luxuriant locks in other science based establishments, whilst doing my PhD I have been compared to Jesus and Aragorn (I prefer the latter…) The picture shows me applying science to the destruction of sandcastles on Teignmouth beach in South Devon, UK. I hope you accept my application as membership of your club is just the thing that’ll get me the perfect job… (I was once asked if I would cut my hair for a position, I enquired if they would ask a female the same question, they said no and I didn’t get the job!)

David Jones, LFHCfS
PhD Research Student
Petroleum and Environmental Geochemistry Group
Biogeochemistry Centre
University Of Plymouth
Plymouth, UK

Hong Kong

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