Updated list of new patents for golfballs (Dec. 2012)


The number of new US golfball patents fell back to disappointingly average levels this December – down almost 28% on November’s figures.

• Golf balls having at least two core layers formed from HNP compositions

• Low lift golf ball

• High performance golf ball having a reduced-distance

• Multi-piece golf ball comprising low hardness gradient core

• Very-low melt flow thermoplastic composition for golf ball core layers

• Multi-layer core golf ball

• Golf ball with a non-ionomeric inner cover, stiff TPU intermediate cover, and cast thermoset outer cover

• Golf balls with clusters of dimples having non-uniform dimple profiles

ALERT: DON’T MISS! Coming soon, before the year ends! A partial Improbable analysis of the entire year’s golfball patents. In which figures are presented – graphs are plotted – and questions are asked.




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    Luckily, there are a few GPS sites that do have fairly comprehensive reviews.
    Sometimes, you can consider LEDs that support an extensive ray angle, at least 120 degrees.
    Was the salesman content to let me have a brochure?

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