Meaning quiz: The words of Jana Pallaske

Today’s What Does This Mean Quiz asks: Watch this video of a TED talk given in Marrakesh by┬áJana Pallaske. Does it (a) make sense; or (b) not make any sense?

[HT Sandy Choi]

UPDATE: Alas, that video has been “declared private” and made inaccessible. The question now arises: Does the talk make more sense or less sense if you cannot hear it?

2 Responses to “Meaning quiz: The words of Jana Pallaske”

  1. Addar Says:

    loving the update question. too late for me to check the video though

  2. Kyle Says:

    In case you were wondering what was in the removed video, you can experience it vicariously through the medium of text, courtesy of “”Musician, Film Maker, Dancer, Philosopher, Lover, Treehugger, Hoola Hoop Artist, 5 Element Yoga Teacher” Jana Pallaske begins her talk by tearing up after being introduced — in an intro she wrote herself. Then there’s some discussion in which she says “something in me” led her to speak at TED, followed by three minutes of hula-hooping accompanied by Led Zeppelin, and then what seems like a geriatric dance party. “I didn’t do this to impress anyone,” Pallaske says. Don’t worry, you haven’t.”

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