Art for the anatomist: Menau’s blood vein carafes

Etienne Menau makes vein carafes—carafes that look like giant blood veins or (if you’re picky about scale) arteries. Here’s one being filled with red wine:

Menau makes other patterned, strange carafes, too.

(Thanks to investigator Susan Dalton for bringing this to our attention.)

3 Responses to “Art for the anatomist: Menau’s blood vein carafes”

  1. fluffy Says:

    Those are beautiful, but I have to wonder how one is supposed to actually pour from them. Also they don’t appear to leave enough room for the wine to “breathe,” which defeats the ostensible functional purpose to a carafe.

    If I had 2600 euros burning a hole in my pocket I’d definitely buy the Grand Coeur model.

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