Curiously worded: Vegetable Parenting

Vegetable parenting begins to creep into the scientific literature:

A Model of Goal Directed Vegetable Parenting Practices,” Melanie Hingle, Alicia Beltran, Teresia O’Connor, Deborah Thompson, Janice Baranowski, Tom Baranowski. Appetite 58 (2), April 2012, pp. 444–449. The authors, at Baylor College of Medicine and at the University of Arizona, write:

“The aim of this study was to explore factors underlying parents’ motivations to use vegetable parenting practices (VPP) using the Model of Goal Directed Vegetable Parenting Practices (MGDVPP)… as the theoretical basis for qualitative interviews…. Parents believed child vegetable consumption was important and associated with child health and vitality.

(Thanks to Paul. N. Tayor for bringing this to our attention.)

BONUS: By the same team and other colleagues: “Exploring determinants of vegetable parenting practices

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