Improbable Research Returning to Arisia — Saturday, Jan 18

Arisia LogoImprobable Research returns to New England’s largest science fiction and fantasy convention in January, to air interesting research which is neither fiction nor fantasy!

We have challenged Arisia’s attendees in past years by showing them diagrams from real patent applications and asked, “What do you think this is? – What do you think this is meant to do?”.  And we have tested their appreciation of actual science by reading excerpts from scientific research (for example) on devising parachutes for toxic-laced rodents, on objects doctors have removed from their patients’ recta, on the best way to blow up a dead horse, on UK ostriches directing mating dances toward humans, on how long you need to be infested with ear mites before you regain some of the hearing they at first caused to diminish…

Each year there are new papers, new readers, new ideas…   and some returning ones too. Here are some details for attending our session at Arisia 2014:

What: Arisia 2014
Date:  Saturday, January 18
Time:  11am EST
Location:  Grand Ballroom DE  (Westin Boston Waterfront hotel)
Session Name: Improbable Research and the Ig® Nobel Prize
Misc:  We will have a limited number of FREE copies of our Magazine available at this event.
Misc: After the event we will make the papers we read (and some that we didn’t) available

Please note:  If you are a member of the LFHCfS and plan to attend Arisia, please introduce yourself to us before we start the session and we will help give you all the public admiration your membership deserves

Some of the images we've used to challenge Arisia goers

Some of the images we’ve used to challenge Arisia goers

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