Describing the levels of this and that of an earthquake

The Mercalli Intensity Scale describes, graphically, various levels of damage that result from earthquakes of various intensities. (The intensity of an earthquake is a different thing — and may or may not be intimately connected to the level of damage from the quake.) A simulator at Northern Illinois University puts this into visually graphic form:


(Thanks to investigator Rory Wentworth for bringing this to our attention.)

BONUS (quasi-related): A Wikipedia insider self-parody: “The Terminal Event Management Policy (TEMP) is an official policy of Wikipedia detailing the procedures to be followed to safeguard the content of the encyclopedia in the event of a non-localized event that would render the continuation of Wikipedia in its current form untenable. The policy is designed to facilitate the preservation of the encyclopedia by a transition to non-electronic media in an orderly, time-sensitive manner or, if events dictate otherwise, the preservation of the encyclopedia by other means.“. (Thanks to investigator Vaughn Tan for bringing this to our attention.)

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