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Ig Nobel show at Univ of Warwick, Monday night

Join us Monday night, March 17, at the University of Warwick for the Ig Nobel Prize show. Here are some details. The show features, among other things: Marc Abrahams / Robin Ball, Ig Nobel physics prize winner (for discovering some of the physics of pony tails), will explain a new paper by another Ig Nobel physics prize winner who, building on the ponytail physics knowledge, explored the physics of curly hair / Stevyn Colgan, QI elf and former London police officer, on why the London Police played Hide-and-Seek / Piers Barnes, Ig Nobel Prize winner who will explain how to calculate how many group photos to take to be fairly sure of having at least one photo in which nobody is blinking.

Tickets are free, but if you want to get one you’d do well to book TICKETS  in advance.

This is the second event on this year’s Ig Nobel Tour of the UK, for National Science & Engineering Week.


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