Improbability / Ig Nobel Prizes at NIST Friday (am), NYC (pm)

Two (2) Ig Nobel events on the same day, in different cities:

Ig Nobel chemistry prize winner Theo Gray (inventor of the four-legged periodic table table) can and and will (thanks to some happy coincidences) join me in doing a talk at NIST, in Gaithersburg, Maryland on Friday morning, April 25, at 10:30.

Friday evening, I will be appearing a few hundred miles north of there, as part of the Lost Lectures, at a somewhat secret site in New York City. (Theo will not be part of that, but another Ig Nobel personage will.)


2 Responses to “Improbability / Ig Nobel Prizes at NIST Friday (am), NYC (pm)”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    Folks here with NIST in Charleston, SC thoroughly enjoyed your talk in Gaithersburg. Inspiring!

  2. Michael Newman Says:

    Thanks for one of the most enjoyable talks we have had here at NIST! Can’t wait for you to come back for the encore!

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