The further self-rejuvenation of Dr. Takasu, surgeon

Dr. Katsuya Takasu M.D., Ph.D is an aesthetic surgeon at the Takasu Clinic, Nagoya, Japan. He has embarked on a personal journey to demonstrate commitment to aesthetic surgery ideals – by having ‘rejuvenative’ facial plastic surgery himself.


To document the project, Dr. Takasu, who is now 69, (see right hand top picture) has created three video presentations entitled “Further Rejuvenation of Myself” which can be viewed below.

“Unless We, aesthetic surgeons become good examples, patients are discouraged to visit our clinics.”

“Rejuvenation of aesthetic surgeons is more urgent a business than reconstruction of Japan’s economy.”

“I find it quite comical that most aesthetic surgeons look older than their patients.”

“I made a resolution. I will rejuvenate myself by 20 years in one year.”

“How do I cook this 55-year-old man?”

“All of us will age in appearance; however, I do believe that we can be a brand-new classic car, as long as we receive good maintenance service. As we rejuvenate our appearances, our mental ageing can be stopped. Now. Let’s have good maintenance surgeries.”

[Caution: these videos are not suitable for those who are squeamish about watching surgical procedures.]

Note: According to his Wikipedia entry, on August 2, 2011, Dr. Takasu together with his friend Mr. Koji Ishida (aged 71) established a Guinness World Record of most golf holes played by a pair in 12 hours (cart). The pair completed 261 holes at Kyowa Country Club, Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan.

BONUS: If you meet Dr. Takatsu, you can ask him to demonstrate his most famous patented invention:

Fat sucking apparatus.” U.S. Patent 5,236,414, Katsuya Takasu, issued August 17, 1993.

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