Limerick evaluation of Hitachi’s jokester robot

Limerick laureate Martin Eiger evaluates a technology news item (“Hitachi Unveils Robot With a Sense of Humour“—AFP):

Hitachi’s new robot is shrewd.
It tells its own jokes, they conclude.
I’m a little bit vexed
About what they’ll make next.
If it writes its own limericks, I’m screwed.

2 Responses to “Limerick evaluation of Hitachi’s jokester robot”

  1. jodan447 Says:


    The editorial board of Improbable Research needs one.

  2. frank Says:

    There once was a man from Hitachi
    Whose ass was becoming all blotchy
    With his face full of dread
    He finally said,
    “It must’ve been that night with Liberace!!”

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