Six baboons overtrained to a computer task, and their moods

“Six baboons (Papio papio) living in a social group had free access to a computerized visual search task on which they were over-trained.”

There must, you say to yourself, be a story behind that. The most direct way to find out whether or not there is such a story, and if there is, what it is, is to read the study in which that sentence appears. The study is:

Baboons’ Response Speed Is Biased by Their Moods,” Yousri Marzouki, Julie Gullstrand, Annabelle Goujon, Joël FagotPLoS ONE 9(7), July 25, 2014: e102562. The authors are at the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Marseille, France.

Here’s graphical info, from the study, about personal info pertaining to four of the six baboons. Info about the other two, and info about this info, is in the study.


(Thanks to Eloise Cooper for bringing this to our attention.)

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