Fear of flying (amongst pilots)

FlyingAlthough there are a good number of academic papers which examine ‘fear of flying’, [recent example] the number of scholarly dissertations which cover ‘fear of flying’ amongst a specific subset of air travellers – viz. pilots – is very low. Perhaps just one.

May we recommend the work of aviation practitioner, aviation historian, aviation philosopher, author and lecturer, Andrew Beniger – whose treatise : ‘Significant role of civilizations on fear of flying amongst flight deck’ was presented at the International Civil Aviation Organization’s 3rd World Conference on Fear of Flying, Montreal, 2007


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  1. CaptTomBunn Says:

    Fear on an airplane cockpit is like fear in a automobile cockpit: rare. This is because, when stress hormones are released by the amygdala, when the person takes action, the amygdala receives a signal to end stress hormone release. This means anxiety is control unless the person is unable to decide what to do and commit to doing it. Thus, fear in either cockpit is due to the person’s inability to make suitable decisions, usually due to self doubt. If interested in this subject, it is worth having a look at how the mind is organized with regard fear and anxiety, which can be done by reading “SOAR: The Breakthrough Treatment for Fear of Flying.”

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